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Why Choose Epoxy?

Epoxy coatings are the most durable and reliable flooring solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. From the stain and water resistance to the easy maintenance, there is no other flooring solution available that can offer those things at exceptionally low prices. Some other benefits epoxy has over other flooring systems include:

Cost Effective

Epoxy floors are quickly becoming one of the most sought after and cost effective flooring solutions on the market. Coupled with its eye catching looks, it’s incredible to see just how cost effective these surfaces can be.

Epoxy takes less manpower than most other flooring solutions, and since it can also be installed much faster than those other solutions, epoxy floors save you money on labor.

Long Lasting

Epoxy floors are extremely durable and resistant to scratches and everyday life. It is resilient against heat, shock, moisture, chemicals, water, and nearly anything else your life can throw at it.

It’s durability can be demonstrated by its wide use in warehouses and other applications where the floors are subjected to extreme weights. Epoxy is even suitable for garages and showrooms and actually increases the life of the underlying floor as well as the vehicle’s tires as well.

Eco Friendly

Even though epoxy is technically a chemical substance, created by a strong chemical reaction, it is still very environmentally friendly. It does not require very many materials to install and its durability allows for the floor to not need replacement as often as traditional flooring solutions.

Color Options

Standard Colors

Safety Colors

Powder Pigment Colors

Metallic Pigment Colors



Services Explained


A flake epoxy system is an epoxy solution that consists of vinyl chips or mica flakes that are broadcasted into a base-coat of epoxy and then sealed with a clear top-coat. This is the most affordable, yet extremely durable, epoxy solution that we offer. It is extremely durable against heavy machinery and foot traffic, as well as oil spills and moisture. Flake epoxy floors are incredibly slip resistant due to the nature of the chips/flakes that are broadcasted onto the epoxy.


A quartz epoxy system is similar to a flake system, since it is still a colored additive broadcasted onto a base-coat of epoxy. The difference is, unlike a flake epoxy system, a quartz system consists of silica sand instead of vinyl chips or mica flakes. Like a flake system, a quartz system is extremely slip resistant, and is extremely popular in commercial kitchens, warehouses, ramps, driveways, and other places where traction is of the utmost importance. Additionally, quartz epoxy floors come in a variety of colorways allowing for these floors to fit any design language.


A metallic epoxy flooring solution is a stunning, multi-layered coating system that incorporates a metallic pigment mixed with a clear base to create a uniquely personalized floor. The color combinations are endless, allowing for each floor to be uniquely one of a kind. These floors are just as durable as their flake and quartz counter parts and more cost effective than granite or marble.

Solid Color

A solid color epoxy solution is crafted by combining a colored pigment with a clear base and then poured on top of an epoxy primer. These floors offer the most seamless and simple look, yet still providing incredibly durability and longevity. These kinds of epoxy floors are perfect for revamping a room with bright colors or toned down neutrals.



An epoxy floor that incorporates a logo is the perfect way to showcase your brand in your warehouse, retail store, or showroom. This solution consists of a stencil applied on top of a solid, metallic, glitter, or even flake floor and then topped with a clear coat. Logo floors are the perfect way to customize your floor and an incredible marketing value.

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